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I’ve been contacted a few days ago by Homer Xing from Ailurus project.

He’s notified me about the addition of the script to install native flash player 64bit on ubuntu in the Ailurus project. I was thrilled. Since then Homer even built a version of the script to work on Fedora (which is now on this site also available) and we got in touch over IM.

I think Ailurus is an amazing project. Hardcore Linux users might not see why it’s important to have projects like these, but someone new to linux will appreciate it. I can’t stress enough how hard the Linux world seems to old windows users. It’s not a matter of Linux being hard to learn, but more of windows being hard to forget. With tools like Ailurus that make installing applications a snap, i think the transition is made much easier.

Looking forward for future releases!

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  1. I wonder how a Hardcore Linux user would install a selection of his favourite apps fastly, without using Ailurus? I starting using Ailurus, since I went away from Ubuntu and seeked for an alternative to Ubuntu Tweak. I like the feature to save a list of software items you have installed. After a fresh install of your distro you can load that same list and then click apply. That way you don’t have to select every seperate software item.

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