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Convert wma to mp3 on Linux

Today i wanted to listed to some old tracks, which for some reason i had saved in .wma format. Added them to Rhythmbox and it complained about needing a plugin which it didn’t find. I fired up Google and learned that i need to install some gstreamer codecs, but with my files it still didn’t worked. That so, i decided to convert the wma files to mp3 using the Perl Audio Converter. Install was painless on Ubuntu 10.04:

sudo apt-get install pacpl

After install, go to the folder that contains your .wma files and run:

pacpl -t mp3 *.wma

7 replies on “Convert wma to mp3 on Linux”

Amazing! A chat session containing info that really works!

2 very simple lines on the command line and voila!

Well done, thanks very much

What about people who are not even 1 day old in using Linux?
Windows crapped out on me, linux was last ditch effort b4 sledghammering the laptop… i’ve got about 1k songs on my external hdd organised in this manner: …\Music\Artist\Album1 songtitle.wma
I want to retain the idtags if possible, but not totally necessary, as long as it properly changes from .wma to .mp3 without changing the folder structure.
It’s ok if i have to convert 1 album folder at a time.

Super! I tried loads of other stuff that didn’t work and took a lot of tweaking; this is simple and it WORKS.
Thank you!!!

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