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FIX: Sites not working in IE7, IE8 CO

Recently I had to fix a site that was not being displayed correctly in IE8. Turned out that some of the DOM was written by Javascript, and IE8 on client’s machine was not displaying parts of the page. At first i was not able to replicate the issue on a clean XP SP3, with IE8, but then after i disabled javascript i got the same effect as the client. Thought the solution was easy, assumed the client has JS disabled, but it turns out JS was enabled.

After closer investigation, the only difference between my IE8 and client’s IE8 was a CO, installed using IEAK8 (corporate shit) and it had by default native XMLHTTP disabled. Translated: jQuery was assuming the browser is IE6.

To fix this issue, enable XMLHTTP in IE7, or IE8

1. Open IE8
2. Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced
3. make sure "Enable native XMLHTTP support" is checked
4. Save

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haha…I knew you guys would do something! I could get used to this….talk about geittng the updates to the user.Beta channel is the best channel! Been using it as main browser for years without any crashes. Then Chromium for testing.Happy Bday Chrome and congrats on Chrome’s success Google! =)P.S. keep it up b/c Firefox is hauling butt and version 9 is gonna try to whoop some fanny!! LOL, deuces!

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