Install synergy client on Lion

I do most of my work on my Ubuntu laptop but i also have one mac mini next to it so i can debug websites in Safari or iPhone/iPad. In Snow Leopard i had setup synergy server on the laptop and the client on my mac, and i could easily use laptop’s mouse and keyboard to control both machines. Here is how you can setup this:

On Ubuntu machine (server):

# install synergy 1.3.6 (other versions seem to have all sort of bugs)
# if 1.3.6 is not in repo anymore, check the download page:
sudo apt-get install synergy

Now create the server config file (you might need to adapt this according to your setup

section: screens
		ctrl = super
		alt = alt
		super = ctrl
section: options
        mousebutton(7) = keystroke(control+right)
	mousebutton(6) = keystroke(control+left)

section: links
           left = io.local
           right = orion

Add this line to startup:

/usr/bin/synergys --config /home//synergy.conf -f

On Mac mini (client):
First of all, you’ll need to install brew, if you haven’t already ( For that check the installation at:

After you have brew installed open a terminal and install synergy:

brew install synergy

Now create a .profile file in your home directory and add:

if [ "$(pidof synergyc)" ]
    echo "Synergy is already started";

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