Nautilus Script – print all documents in folder

I had to print a lot of files lately and it became clear that opening each of them, then hitting ctrl + p takes too long, so i decided instead to look for a nautilus script that allows me to right click inside the folder and hit Print All. Since i didn’t find anything (probably didn’t look enough…) i built one myself.

Save the script bellow as “Print All Documents” then place it in ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts


## By Romeo - Adrian Cioaba
## [email protected]
## If you modify it, Please let me know.
## released under GPLv3


for eachFile in $filenames
    case $eachFile in
        *.pdf) lpr "$eachFile"
        *.doc) libreoffice -p "$eachFile"
        *.docx) libreoffice -p  "$eachFile"
        *.txt) lpr "$eachFile"
        *.jpg) lpr "$eachFile"

exit 0

Make it executable

chmod +x ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/Print\ All\ Documents

and you are good to go. When you go inside a folder, right click and under the Scripts entry you will have the option “Print All Documents”

This script can be of course tweaked to print more file types.