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Ubuntu show desktop on corner hover (mac os x style)

Open gconf-editor



apps → compiz → general→ allscreens → options → show_desktop_edge

If the show_desktop_edge key is not there, create it as string and then add the value BottomLeft and save.


Nautilus Script – print all documents in folder

I had to print a lot of files lately and it became clear that opening each of them, then hitting ctrl + p takes too long, so i decided instead to look for a nautilus script that allows me to right click inside the folder and hit Print All. Since i didn’t find anything (probably didn’t look enough…) i built one myself.

Save the script bellow as “Print All Documents” then place it in ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts


## By Romeo - Adrian Cioaba
## [email protected]
## If you modify it, Please let me know.
## released under GPLv3


for eachFile in $filenames
    case $eachFile in
        *.pdf) lpr "$eachFile"
        *.doc) libreoffice -p "$eachFile"
        *.docx) libreoffice -p  "$eachFile"
        *.txt) lpr "$eachFile"
        *.jpg) lpr "$eachFile"

exit 0

Make it executable

chmod +x ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/Print\ All\ Documents

and you are good to go. When you go inside a folder, right click and under the Scripts entry you will have the option “Print All Documents”

This script can be of course tweaked to print more file types.


Fullscreen any window in Gnome

If you are running any distro that has a recent Gnome, chances are that your window manager is either Metacity or Compiz. I’ve found that while working, having my IDE fullscreen helps as that way i can keep away the “noise” and really concentrate on the work i’m doing.

Here’s how to fullscreen any window in Gnome:

1. Metacity
– Run gconf-editor.
– Go to /apps/metacity/window_keybindings.
– Change toggle_fullscreen from disabled to F11.

2. Compiz
– apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager compiz-fusion-plugins-extra
Then open System -> Preferences -> CompizConfig Settings Mangager. The “Extra WM Actions” plugin should now be available under “Window Management”. Check it and click “Close”.

Restart your X-server by logging out and back in again. The “Toggle fullscreen” keyboard shortcut should now work with whatever you set in the main Gnome keyboard shortcuts settings.