How To: Mac OS X and Midnight Commander “Insert” Key fix

After moving from Linux (Ubuntu) to OS X, one of the most annoying things i’ve ran into, was not having the Insert Key work as it was intended inside Midnight Commander. In Linux, while in mc, you can hit the Ins key to select or tag an individual file or folder. This is very useful when you want to cleanup and folder or move/copy stuff around. While there is the Ctrl + T shortcut (i’ve found that via:, it’s pretty annoying to use it when the muscle memory keeps going to the Ins key.

I was using BetterTouchTool to get the back/forward mouse buttons working on Yosemite, so i’ve looked around if i can setup a keyboard shortcut. And you can: I’ve setup under “Keyboard” options, an entry for iTerm (my Terminal app of choice on the mac), if the Ins key is pressed to trigger the Ctrl + T shortcut. Works like a charm in mc 🙂
Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 5.41.10 PM