Wine Cellar

How to: Create a new wine prefix or bottle

When running Windows apps under Linux via wine, it’s always a good idea to have each app in it’s own sandbox or wine bottle if you will. After you get an app running with wine, you can store the bottle and grab it from the cellar when you need it.

A wine bottle, is similar to a clean windows install. When creating it, you can specify if the architecture should be 32 or 64bit, which basically emulates a 32 or 64bit machine with windows. You can also keep for each bottle individual settings via winecfg.

Here is how you can create one:

winearch=win32 WINEPREFIX="/opt/cellar/civ5" winecfg

This will create a clean 32bit wine prefix, stores everything in the “/opt/cellar/civ5” folder and opens the winecfg app for that prefix. Note that in order to use that prefix, you must always make sure you specify it:

winearch=win32 WINEPREFIX="/opt/cellar/civ5" wine notepad

I keep all my wine bottles on an external HDD mounted under /opt/cellar. As long as the correct wine version is installed on each machine for that bottle, i can take the HDD and use the apps on any Linux machine.