TextMate skin for Eclipse (darkmate ported to eclipse)

After a few hours of setting up the colors, i have managed to port the darkmate skin for gEdit to Eclipse. The settings work for PHP, JS and CSS editors, although i will need some feedback on the JS and CSS implementations.

Here are a few screenshots:

Here are some of the colors i have user:
background: #232323
text color: #FFFFFF
comments: #BB66FF
keywords: #FF9900
numbers: #00C99B
strings: #96FF00
variables: #009CFF

You can download the darkmate-eclipse.epf, but before importing make sure you make a full backup of your preferences.

eclipse PHP

Eclipse plugins written in PHP?

On another Eclipse related news, i have noticed today the GSOC 2009 ideas for eclipse. Although all the ideas are interesting, what catched my view was “Write Eclipse plug-ins in PHP
” through e4.

e4 is the community effort for building the next generation of the Eclipse Platform. The project has three principle aims:

  • Simplify the Eclipse programming model: This will
    reduce development and maintenance costs and enable a larger developer
    community to leverage the platform in their own Eclipse-based
  • Enable the platform for use on emerging web-based runtime technologies:
    This will ensure the platform remains a compelling and viable
    application framework in a rapidly changing web technology landscape,
    and it will allow e4-based applications to leverage web technologies,
    while remaining insulated from specific technology choices that may
    quickly become obsolete.
  • Broaden participation in development of the platform:
    This reduces the risks associated with building on a platform largely
    funded from a single source. Having a large and diverse group of
    commercial backers, will ensure the platform remains vibrant and viable
    over the long term.

Please refer to the project proposal for more information, including the initial list of committers. The e4 project summary page is here.

I’m really interested to see what comes out of that.

eclipse receives a facelift

Today received a new skin. It’s great for me so see that they are going for a simpler design, that will appeal to more people.

For developer of any kind, eclipse seems the way to go. They have a ton of projects that are in constant development. I think they have one of the most active communities in the open source world. Note that unlike Linux communities that don’t have a lot of backing up from enterprise, eclipse has quite a few huge “strategic members”.

I can’t wait for the next release of PDT 😉