Install synergy client on Lion

I do most of my work on my Ubuntu laptop but i also have one mac mini next to it so i can debug websites in Safari or iPhone/iPad. In Snow Leopard i had setup synergy server on the laptop and the client on my mac, and i could easily use laptop’s mouse and keyboard to control both machines. Here is how you can setup this:

On Ubuntu machine (server):

# install synergy 1.3.6 (other versions seem to have all sort of bugs)
# if 1.3.6 is not in repo anymore, check the download page:
sudo apt-get install synergy

Now create the server config file (you might need to adapt this according to your setup

section: screens
		ctrl = super
		alt = alt
		super = ctrl
section: options
        mousebutton(7) = keystroke(control+right)
	mousebutton(6) = keystroke(control+left)

section: links
           left = io.local
           right = orion

Add this line to startup:

/usr/bin/synergys --config /home//synergy.conf -f

On Mac mini (client):
First of all, you’ll need to install brew, if you haven’t already ( For that check the installation at:

After you have brew installed open a terminal and install synergy:

brew install synergy

Now create a .profile file in your home directory and add:

if [ "$(pidof synergyc)" ]
    echo "Synergy is already started";

Add new cron job on Windows 2008 Server using Task Scheduler

I’ve been working recently on a windows 2008 server and i needed to setup a cron job. Well turns out that windows doesn’t have a cron utility as in Linux world, but there is this Task Scheduler. When trying to find it in Control Panel and the Management Console i discovered that my user had no rights to this utility, but turns out that you can still use it if you run it in CLI (cmd.exe that is)

Open the cms by going to Start->Run and typing cmd.exe then Enter

# to find more about task scheduler:
schtasks /?

# to find more about adding new tasks
schtasks /create /?

# to actually add a new task that runs every hour
schtasks /create /tn "My Cron Job" /tr "C:\PHP\php.exe -f" /sc hourly

# create a task to run every 5 minutes
schtasks /create /tn "My Cron Job" /tr "C:\PHP\php.exe -f" /sc minute /mo 5

Features i’d like to see in a GTD application

I’ve been working for more than 6 years in “software” development doing php programming as a freelancer and for my own company. After all these years i find that most time on developing a project is spent understanding what you have to do and letting other know what they have to do. In other words, getting things done.

The application to let u better organize should:
1. let you add tasks fast, without getting your hands off the keyboard
2. allow you to collaborate with others (ie: assign tasks to them and get tassk from them)
3. track time you spend on a task
4. invoice clients based on the time spent on their tasks
5. not get in your way
6. have a desktop and a web version

Each task should support:
– comments
– file attachments
– subtasks

More to come. Feel free to sugest what would you like to see in such an application.