Zend Framework tutorials – RFC

After a talk on #zftalk I’m thinking to start witting a site that would allow the Zend Framework community to submit learning material.

The site is going to be called Zend Framework Tips

I have a few ideas of my own, but i want to hear more from you.

Here is what i have in mind:
1. should allow people to submit zf snippets (registred or not… in the end we’re interested in getting the code outthere.. not in the username)
2. people should be able to edit any code on the site and make notes on the changes
3. people should be able to go to any revision of a snippet
4. the site should have a screencasts section (similar to the one on aptana.tv or nettuts)

more to come

Please comment and add your ideas! What else would you like to see on a tutorial site?

2 thoughts on “Zend Framework tutorials – RFC”

  1. Also you can make one project using full ZF (Zend_Db, Zend_service… ) like the one in Symfony “Jobeet website”.
    so new user and expert user can share together.

    if u like it can be something like school/ collage management system.
    it will include everything ( CMS, Web Services, API .. )

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